Tenraku, Kage Hollow FINISHED!

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Tenraku, Kage Hollow FINISHED!

Post by Kage on Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:27 am

Please scrap my other character

Character Name: Tenraku Kage
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 9 feet 7 inches

Weight: 317 pounds
Eyes: Black arround the eye the eye itself is Yellow and a black pupil. It is very slanted.

Skin: Purple and white is the collor of the skin. It is smooth for the most part except arround the legs where the skin is rough.

Rank: Hollow
Former Self: Kuzen Senshu, Quincy
Band: None as of yet.

Appearance: Kage has Yellowish eyes with black arround them. Unlike most hollows Kage has spikey teeth which he uses to devour souls with no mercy. He has no arms but he walks arround on 4 legs like a lizzard. His skin has many spikes on it but other than his legs his skip smmoth probbally to take off drag from his body so he can go faster and for easier penatration with his spikeky tentacle like limbs that have spikes on the ends of them. Kage has a tail that maybe one of the most dangerous parts on him cause it has hundreds of razor sharp spikes on it. His skin is purple and white colored and seems to have a sort of flame like design on it.


Personality: Kage is cunning and is one of the smarter Hollows. He likes to Devour lost souls, Killing, Fighting, Power, Chaos, and meeting new people (Friend, Foe, or Food it doesn't matter) He dislikes Cockyness, Idioticness, and most Shinigami. When meeting a new face Kage will try to act tough but as time goes on he will open up to others. Kage trys to use his feirce apearence to strike fear into the hearts of others. He has a twisted personally he likes to watch his foe struggle for life. He is intresting if you get to know him which most don't. Most people see him as a monster because of he's a hollow but other hollows usually respect him and for that he respects them. Kage is actually very social and tends to talk alot wheather relaxing or Fighting. He talks in a deep uncaring voice that shows no emotion no matter what he says. While talking his tentical like limbs fling arround in the air for some unknown reason.

History: Picture before he died:

Age: 0-18 Kage was once a Human but not an ordinary human he was burn into a clan called the Quincys. His original birth name was Kuzen Senshu. He had been brought up by his Father and Mother to harness his Quincy ability and Kill an evil Creature called Hollows. His parents taught him well and soon he became a fullfledged member of the Quincy clan when he was 10. His training was then left to a man known to him as Grandfather. His Grandfather was a Master Quincy who could kill Hollows in no sweat. But this man was very Harsh his teaching kept Kuzen on the tips of his toes all the time. Then his parents who had been home schooling him finally made him see the real world and sent him to Highschool where he was exposed to regular human beings. Kuzen was never one to be shy he socialized more then anyone in the class and got in trouble many times for this. It was strange for the teachers because he allways had to go to the bathroom it was really an excuse to go kill hollows. His Grandfather was then taken in by a dark man named Ikuso Utashi. Kuzen could sence a great evil comming from this man thus he refused to be taught by his grandfather anymore.

Age: 18-26 Which started him up on his new life. He was now of Age in the clan to start teaching an aprentice. He went to the clan elders who paired up teachers and Aprentices they paired him with a young boy probbaly 6-8. His name was Uryū Candido, Kuzen wanted to share all his knowledge with this new aprentice. Kuzen wished to make sure he was kept away from the man called Ikuso Utashi. He taught Uryū the basics of being a quincy taking it upon himself to act as a father figure he grew to love the boy in a fatherly way.

Age: 26-27 Kuzen had become a friend to this little boy but little did he know that their lesson would be cut short that day. While Kuzen was teaching Uryū to control his Reiatsu sence they were expermenting the difference between letting out a low Reiatsu and a high Reiatsu signal a Hollows started being drawed towards them. They began practicing shooting the beast with their bows. But then something wrong happend Kuzen could feel a different Reiatsu preasure it wasn't Quincy nor was it hollow it was a Shinigami. Kuzen knew this was a bad sign Quincys and Shinigami didn't get along well. Shinigami usually tried to kill Quincys for their way of riding the world of Hollows. Then a Shinigami apeared out of the forrest a few feet away and charged at Uryū. Kuzen would not allow this he dived in front of Uryū saving him from the shinigamis Zanpaktou. Kuzen used the silver magic Heizen. Createing a blade in his hand he cut the Shinigami to pieces but the Shinigami before he died stabbed Kuzen in the Heart. They both died instantaneously the Shinigami never to return and Kuzen into the after life.

In the after life Kuzen was alone there was know one he could communicate with. He felt very isolated and did not want to leave his family alone greiving without him. So he decided to stay on earth instead of going on to the after life. He was chained to his family and young aprentice. He watched as they grew up then his chain broke froming a hole in his chest white goooo came out of his eyes and mouth forming a bone like mask on his face. He had became what he had fought to kill in his past life a Hollow. After becoming a Hollow to destroy the pain he felt inside he attack the people he was chained to his parents and his aprentice. First he Stabbed both of his parents throught the back pireceing their lungs he then ate their souls. Then he went after Uryū right before he would of killed his aprentice he stopped gaining back some self conciousness and disapeared in Hueco Mundo never to be heard of untill now his stomach now craves the souls of Humans and his true self has been changed from a self concious Quincy into a hungry monster who can only be content with eating to live. But recently he has started becoming more intellegent and is able recall memories of his past and can distinguish between Friend and Food.
Combat Stats:
Energy Mastery:1

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