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Silver Magic

Post by Shiro-Sama on Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:10 am

Ginto are an especially created device made to amplify Reiatsu within their confines and alter their composition. Once released, they will cast a "Spell", releasing a form chosen during the modifying of the particles within the silver tubes. Ginto differs from Kido in the fact that it uses a mediator to function, and while they have incantations, they are not numbered, nor can they be skipped. Ginto spells are named in German, and have an ordering similar to Kido. There are three divisions of Gin-Mahou(Silver Magic). Third divisions of degrees are known, Third, Second, and First degree, and are powered from least to strongest in that order, though a spells level of power even when comparing to other spells in that same division may vary. For every Level of Particle Manipulation a Quincy he has, he will receive 3 Ginto spells to use. Therefore, a Lv.5 Particle Manipulation Quincy will have up to 15 Spells to have within Third and Second Degree divisions.

Third Degree Gin-Mahou
Name: Heizen (Heat)
Degree: Third
Power: When focusing the energy within a Tube, The quincy heats the energy, and begins thinning the particles down as they are forged into a thin blade. Once released, this blade will cut through flesh and steel with ease.
Command: "Feel the Wraith of battle and accept this sacred chalice! Sacred Bite!"
Reiatsu Cost: 15

Name: Gritz (Unknown. May be referencing to peeled grain.)
Degree: Third
Power: This spell creates a four pointed pentacle around an opponent, which rises up in the form of a flesh-like trap, enveloping an opponent by swallowing him from all sides, trapping him within. This prison can take basic weaponry and powers, however, is easily destroyed by a higher one.
Command: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!"
Reiatsu Cost: 15

Second Degree Gin-Mahou
Name: Volcore (Cloud)
Degree: Second
Power: This spells creates a large and forceful blast that can send even sturdy foes flying away due to it's force. The spell is quick and throws quite a bunch, making it useful for keeping foes back. Because of the force, the spell will even push the user back, which can be utilized to soften falls or change direction mid-air.
Command: "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald Grail!"
Reiatsu Cost: 30

First Degree Gin-Mahou
To be made

Spell Template
Name: (Include German name and translation)
Degree: (Third, second, or First)
Power: (What does it do?)
Command: (What is the command to activate the Silver Tube? Typically a sentence long with a related name after.)
Reiatsu Cost: (Third Degree costs 15, Second Degree 30, and First Degree 45 Reiatsu.)

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