Ootai's Zanpaktou

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Ootai's Zanpaktou

Post by Uch on Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:30 am

(Takai Toukai which means Death and Destruction)

Blade: (The blade is almost pure white and the length is around 6 ft with the width being 10 cm (Centimetres)

Hilt: (The handle is specially designed to be soft on his hand making it much easier to swing or pull from the sheathe but of course that isn't all, the hilt of the blade is shaped like wings giving him his motto "Fly away to the good life" and underneath the handle lies an unfamiliar wolves eye sealed into a solid substance which cannot be removed.)

Sheathe: (The sheathe is the same colour as his robes making it almost invisible to anyone out of range around 10 foot to be exact, but close up it is only just visible. It isn't made of the same material as the blade but it packs a punch if used for defense or a push attack.)


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