Outai Ookami (Shinigami)

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Outai Ookami (Shinigami)

Post by Uch on Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:12 am

Character Name: (Outai Ookami)
Age: (15)
Gender (Male)
Height: (5 ft Cool
Weight: (Around 120-130 lbs)
Eyes: (He has a light pair of blue eyes carrying many stories)
Skin: (He has a sort of peach coloured skin and strangely enough it doesn't bear any scars)

Rank: (New Shinigami)
Squad/Former Squad: (None)
Status: (Seireitei - Normal)

Appearance: (He picks up strange wolf like hairs around certain spots on his body such as his chest and feet which look abnormal due to his clothing, a dark and long robe like outfit covering his whole body except face and the sandals that show off every inch of wolf-like features such as the wolf hairs as mentioned and claws separating him from the average death-god.
He is pretty muscular in both legs and arms giving him a decent frame and the "Do not mess with me" hint.)

Personality: (He likes most things except of course the enemy of every death-god like him, Hollows anything except that doesn't bother him in his action-filled life. A mature approach is what he brings to all situations even if it isn't required giving him the upper-hand against most assassinations or you could call it missions.
A very intelligent man he is and a brief personality he has. Others would describe him by exactly as i have typed up due to the reason hes upfront about anything meaning secrets are not meant for him sort of a big mouth.
The worst thing he does is scratch himself almost imitating a wolf and strangely enough he howls sometimes too as a battle cry.)

History: (He died of what some people called pleasant, in his sleep but of course the reasons behind this weren't so pleasant. As a child he was very popular which led to showing off and the people he bullied were seeking revenge.. on him and got it to full extent which was beating him up severely leaving him in a small hospital unable to function properly.
Every day from then on was a misery, drinking through a straw and being fed by the doctors who swarmed around him taking X-Rays and what not. Until the day came when he awoke nastily from a unrealistic dream where something so monster-like no one would believe and it captured him eating his soul leaving nothing but the same sinister body as the assassin skipping to after that he slept peacefully and never woke up until he was in a place called Soul Society.

He lived there for a while until accepting what they called a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" which he almost thought of as a joke but it wasn't it brought terrible hard work which took its toll on his body bringing out the more wolf-like appearance on only a few parts of his body he just believed he would fully morph into one in time but would curse that day.
They gave him the long black robes hes always wore since that day and let him descend into the mad world of hunting Hollows.)

Combat Stats: (His Skills. If you've read the rules, you should know what this is. Start with 5 Kons.)

Zanjutsu: (2)
Hohou: (2)
Hakuda: (0)
Kido: (1)


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