Kaeda's Zanpaktou

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Kaeda's Zanpaktou

Post by Rukawa on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:51 am

Name of Zanpaktou:
This is the name of the Zanpaktou and it means disorder and chaos. Releasing the Zapaktou from its sealed, the katana changes into two separate weapons. Just like its name, the Zanpaktou does not change into a normal twin katana. Instead, one of its katana changes into a Broadsword while the other changes into a Longsword.

The blade of the Broadsword is 20cm wide and 6 feet long. The blade itself is black in color with a white edge which slightly blunt since the Broadsword is usually used for power strikes
The blade of the Longsword is 5cm wide and 6 feet long. Unlike the Broadsword, its blade is white in color with a blade edge which is really sharp.

The hilt of both the Broadsword and the Longsword are both normal-looking. The only difference with the hilt is that there is excess grip to enavle better usage ad swing for the user.

Sheathe: A normal black sheathe which does not attract much attention.


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