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Generic Items

Post by Shiro-Sama on Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:21 am

Generic Items

Generic Items, or Generic Equipment, are either not especially powerful or non-spiritual based objects that any race may use. These Items are things such as a Cells Phones to contact Soul Society, to basic medical Equipment, to blade that, though can cut flesh, has no real powers. Generic Items are exactly what they are, to serve to fill a gap. Such Items have no limit on amounts, but be reasonable, for a Mod may not approve two hundred generic chili bombs complete with a giant boar, to give an example.

Name: (Name of generic Item. Easy, eh?)

Appearance: (Appearance of the said item. Even though not especially important, don't slack off! Give us enough to tell what it really looks like.)

Purpose: (Whats it for...While Combat based Generic items are allowed, they certainly won't be able to take on a released Zanpaktou.)

Reiatsu Cost: (If any...Unless implying it, the Item will not have one. Thus, put N/A for such times.)
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