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Human Gifts

Post by Shiro-Sama on Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:15 am

Core Power

Humans are interesting creatures. Almost all beings who carry souls were at one time one of them. From human to Spirit, to Spirit to human. And in some cases, Hollow and Shinigami. But at occasions, there are humans, living world beings, who carry their own power. Whether residual energy from another form, stolen or given by other forces, or simply their own will made into Force, a Human has perhaps the most unique strengths, if only because they are seen as those with the least. The Core power is the Human's central source of energy. What makes it truly unique is that between Aware humans is the sheer variety in which they have. Each Human's powers go through an evolution that is similar to both a Hollow's form and a Shinigami's Zanpaktou. As they gain experience from fights, they are able to better adapt into their powers, and become strong.

Name: (Like the power itself, the name can be literately anything. One example is the Left Arm of the Giant, Chad's own power. The name be of any language, though ones history and descent may effect the choosing of it. There are no true guidelines to naming your Core Power.)

Origin: (A Human's power comes from various sources. In some cases, the Power resembles that of another races. It may come from one's self, a special connection, and basically anything you can imagine. Typically, the user's history effects this. Examples of Origins are, Hollow, Shinigami, Self, etc...)

Description: (The overall appearance. This should be edited to match each Evolution. Typically, the Core Power's activation(Such as Chad's Arm appearing) has a visual effect upon the user, signifying their power. Therefore, anything that is not a distinct ability should be described here. BE DESCRIPTIVE! If its a Weapon, describe the weapon's appearance. If its a giant pigeon, DESCRIBE IT! And so on.)

Abilities: (Humans have unique abilities, and follow a basic layout. Human "Levels" are separated into what is known as "Evolutions." At each state, they gain more power overall, and a new ability for them to manipulate. While their core power remains the same, it will adapt as the user wishes it to, suiting the user's wishes as much as possible. At each Evolution the Core will receive a new trait ability, which power depends on the rank of the evolution. Therefore, a Second Evolution's power is typically stronger then a First's. The First Evolution, however, is important as it is the foundation of your strength.)

(First Evolution Unlocked at: Kon Total=5)

Core Activation: (Cost of Activation. Uses Reiatsu Points to Activate (First Evolution Requires Ten Reiatsu to Activate), and requires 5 Reiatsu per turn to Maintain. Individual Abilities will cost separate amounts.)
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