No Canons. EVER

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No Canons. EVER

Post by Shiro-Sama on Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:05 am

A rule I forgot to mention originally, however, is very important.

Canon Characters don't exist. At this site, characters such as Ichigo Kurosaki, Kisuke Urahara, and Aizen..

Never existed. Ever.

Now, this is important for histories. You can't be Ichigo's Son or be trained by Yoruichi, cus they don't exist.

You cannot be Canon Characters. Only custom original characters are allowed here. This is because of the aforementioned lack of canon(Canon means true to the manga/anime) characters.

Name Issues. I WILL accept characters with first or last names that have been mentioned in the anime. (Example, a Kisuke sukifume is fine, a Kisuke Urahara, is not.) This also applies to most characters from other animes. (As in, if I see a Neji Hyuuga or a Monkey D. Luffie, I'm going to carve out your heart. ^.^)

Play your character, not Ichigo. This basically means don't just play as you think a character would, think as YOUR character would. While you love say, Byakuya and all, and so, have named yourself, say, Yoru Byakuya, it doesn't mean you should play as you think Byakuya was. However, this really depends as you, as your may be just as Byakuya is..I guess. Its a judgement call.

And thats about it.
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