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Hikaru Shindo

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Character Name:Hikaru Shindo
Weight:123 pounds
Eyes:His right eye is red and his left eye is blue.His eyes are usually slendered and show nonthing but hatred.


Appearance:Shindo has one red eye and one crystal blue eye.He usually wears a black suit and hardly smiles.He has purple hair in the back and yellow hair in the front.He is about 5'8 and weighs 123 pounds.He has tan skin and is usually seen mumbiling to himself.He is always twirling a little black GO stone between his fingers.He is mostly seen showing no emotion or actually smiling but only when he is talking to a girl.Hikaru is always wearing black dress shoes and never ever drops that stone of his.He always seems to have lipstick on his cheek from a girl kissing all over him.Shindo usually has nonthing but hatred in his eyes.

Personality:He is a cool,quiet,calm,cold-hearted,womanizer.He loves women,cooking,spicy foods,and killing.He really loves women who are smart,beautiful,sweet,and can cook.Shindo mostly likes women who know how to fight more than anything.He hates people who think of themselves as "High and Mighty"and really hates people who consider themselves sexier then him.He loves to make himself look sexier then any of the other guys that try to take his place.He is smart and quick witted.In dire situations he knows how to keep his calm and think his way out of trouble.

History:Hikaru was born on January 19,1983. He grew up on in a small city outside of Karakura. When he turned six his parents began to train him. They tought him how to use his Quincy powers and why they were given to him. On his seventh birthday Hikaru killed his first hollow although it wasn't easy. He had trouble and nearly died yet his parents did not interfere. They made sure that they made him a cold-hearted Quincy with no feelings but soon that would change.Hikaru met a beautiful girl when he turned nine.She made him change and lighten up.The both of them began dating shortly after meeting.Her name was Utada Hikaru.(Yea i went there.XD.) Hikaru began letting his emotions get the best of him and his training became a living hell. He struggled to survive when fighting the hollows and barely could think of a simple sratagy that could save him from danger. He soon began making simple mistakes aswell. After eight gruesome months of pathetic training Hikaru's parents forced him to stop dating Utada. He was disappointed but just like all other Shindo,he followed his parents orders.He broke up with Utada and began focusing more on his training.

Two months after Hikaru turned twelve his parents were killed by twelve hollows with tremendous power. They crushed Hikaru's parents like bugs and began chasing him. He ran for as long as he could untill he was saved by civilians of the little city.hey too were Quincy but not of the Shindo family. They were from the famous Ishida family.They took him in and raised him as there own.Hikaru soon met Utada again after he had turned fourteen. He told her why he left her in the past and they began dating once again.On his 15th birthday Hikaru revealed his Quincy powers to the Ishida that took him in.They began training him as quickly as possible and explained to him everything he needed to know about Shinigami,Hollows,and Quincy.Hikaru soon began to become smarter and smarter knowing more than your average fifteen year old.Hikaru was the smartest kid in his school and was known mostly for his cold attitude towards everyone except Utada.

After he turned seventeen Hikaru began to notice more hollows appear all over the place.He also heard of a bounty placed on some Shinigami that escaped the Seireitei and began to form his own group that planned on attacking the Soul Society.Of course Hikaru felt that he should side with the Shinigami although all the other Quincy were siding over with the other guy.After he turned eighteen Hikaru left for college and began studying Law and joined an Archery club.He was turning out to be exactly what the Ishida expected of him.After Hikaru turned twenty he became a wealthy man and asked Utada to marry him.She said yes and they moved in together living in Karakura as a happy amily.

Hikaru and her both had a job as a lawyer but Hikaru would always hide his Quincy life from her.Night after night Hikaru would go about looking for hollows and killing them.On Hikaru's 24th birthday he was attacked by a Menos Grandes.He was easily defeated and was forced to run away from battle.Oddly the Menos Grandes left after Hikaru ran away.Utada soon found out about Hikaru's late night hollow hunting.Although she was worried she allowed him to continue searching for the hollows and killing them.

Three months after Hikaru turned 25 Utada had his child.Her name was Hime. Hikaru ecided that he would raise her diffrently from how he was raised and promised to make sure she did not end up like him.Hikaru was soon asked to oin the Shinigami's enemy but Hikaru declined and decided it would be best for him to stay neutral.

Combat Stats:

Marksmanship:Lvl 3
Reflexes:Lvl 2
Particle Manipulation:Lvl 3
Item Proficiency:Lvl 4


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