Shinigami Zanpaktou Template

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Shinigami Zanpaktou Template

Post by Shiro-Sama on Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:44 am

Sealed Form

Name of Zanpaktou: (The Name of your Soul Cutter. Remember, that the name can be greatly important, as it both describes your Zanpaktou and it's powers. The name must be in Japanese, however, the english name may be displayed near it. Remember, no canon Zanpaktous!)

Blade: (Description of the Blade(The sharp edge) of the sword. Specifics include Color, length, shape, and width. These factors can make it seem more like a classic Longsword, or a traditional Katana.)

Hilt: (The held part of the sword, the hilt consists of the Grip, or simply the handle of the sword, the Guard, the part between the handle and the blade, and the pommel, or the dull end of the hilt. Common decorations are unique designs and colors, and additions to the pommel can be tassels or other decor.)

Sheathe: (The Sheathe, also known as the Scabbard, is used to hold a sword. Typically worn on the back or the side, the Sheathe is typically simply a holder, and generally matches the sword in decor. However, some fighters even use the Sheathe as a bludgeoning weapon or for other means. Like the Sword itself, they are often customized.)

(See "Zanjutsu" for more information on how to fight with a Zanpaktou.)
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