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Tsukiko - Hollow

Post by Tsukiko on Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:52 am

Character Name: Tsukiko
Age: o_O 10?
Gender Female
Height: 4'10"
Weight: ...70 lbs?
Eyes: Large, almond-shaped eyes which are pitch-black except for a red ring where her pupil should be
Skin: ...white? Smooth but pretty hard, since she's a Hollow... The only thing marring her skin is a cross-shaped scar on her left cheek, and the hole that all hollows have in the middle of her chest. A red arrow-like marking, which starts at her right elbow and ends at her wrist, has spikes protruding from its path down to the wrist.

Rank: Hollow, I guess.
Former Self: Taiyou Tsukiko, aware human
Band: Tsukiko works alone! For now.

Appearance: Unlike many other hollows, Tsukiko is more petite. She is more physically weak than anything because the only "weapon" she possesses are the spikes running down her right arm. Her "armor" is also more fragile than anything. Tsukiko is also a "sloucher". She bends her head downward, and tipped slightly to the side in an awkward way, averting her odd black-and-red eyes to the sky. Usually she clasps her hands behind her back, and rocks back and forth on her heels of her feet (which have pointed, red-tipped toes) when stationary.

Personality: Tsukiko, to put it bluntly, is usually a sarcastic bitch. She'll be blunt with anyone, but she's not stupid. She knows when she goes to far with the higher-ups, and maybe she will soften up with them. However, she is not what she dislikes - posing, superficial beings that do things always for their selfish needs. Though she's more of an independent girl and would rather try something out first alone, she is the type to turn to help when really needed. When put into a sticky situation, she might rebutt with a quip or remark but when deeply angered she will turn into a swearing motormouth.

History: Before Tsukiko was transformed into a hollow she was somewhat of a celebrity because she could see and "exorcise" souls. However, being only a young girl of ten, she was overwhelmed by the public pressure to look and appear a certain way in public and when communicating with souls. Her own mother, who was obsessed with money and fame, constantly pushed her not to tell others the real truth about the undead, but to fabricate information and appeal to the public. Unable to take it anymore, she snapped and threw herself off the balcony of her 13th floor apartment building, and, because of her pent-up rage at the superficial world, turned into a hollow.
Tsukiko has been a hollow only for a short while, so she is pretty weak. She still considers herself 10 years old since she's a pretty tiny "baby" hollow.

Combat Stats:
Ferocity: 1
Dexterity: 2
Energy Mastery: 1
Armor: 1
(5/5 used)


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