Arrancar Zanpakuto

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Arrancar Zanpakuto

Post by Dai on Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:49 am

Name of Zanpakuto: (Must be able to use Resurrección)

Length: (Between 61 and 76 cm)

Hilt: (How the handle of the zanpakuto looks, also the guard)

Sheath: (How the sheath looks)

Appearance: (Any other details of the zanpakuto)


An Arrancar's Release is called, Resurrección. (Spanish for "resurrection") Arrancars do not have a Known Second Release.(Meaning they could, but until proven otherwise, they do not.) An Arrancar's Zanpaktou is not sentient. Rather, it is simple a way of sealing their otherwise released power. When the sword is released, it allows the Arrancar to transform into their true form. To use a Reasurreccion, you must at least be a Privaron.

Name:(This is where you place the name of your Zanpaktou, and it's activation. Unless for good reason, the same name placed above will be used here, abeit, with a Release Command.)

Appearance:(This is where you post how your body changes, how your True form looks like. Generally, it changes the remnants of your mask in someway, usually causing it to cover more of your head, but usually not the entire thing. It also usually gives some sort of armor around your body, and sometimes effecting the Arrancar's Clothing. The appearance is usually has to do with your form was before the user became an Arrancar. Example, Grimjaw's was once a Panther Hollow. Therefore, in his release, he becomes much faster and has the appearance of a cross between a Human and a Leapord.

Effect:(This is where the powers of your transformation come into play. Usually, the appearance somehow effects it. Your sword Release can be as much of a variety as a Shinigami's Shikai or Bankai, usually more. Some examples are Shawlong's Zanpaktou, which gave him long claws and arms, and a tail like a Scorpion's. Then there is Edorad's Zanpaktou, which made him a Human Volcano, and finally, there are Zanpaktous Like Luppi's 8 Tentacle arms.)

Spirit Energy Cost: (This is the cost for using an Arrancar's Zanpaktou's Special Abilities. An Arrancar's Zanpaktou is simply a sealing for their power, therefore, like Shikai and Bankai, gives the user more Spirit Energy then before. And like a Shikai or Bankai, it uses Reiatsu for it's special attacks.)

History: (This is where you write some history about your past as a Hollow, and how as an Arrancar, you were able to create your Zanpaktou. Usually, it requires a test of some sort. Unfortunately, it is unknown how exactly an Arrancar's Zanpaktou is created, but it can be assumed that it requires some challenge or special requirement. So, just try and be creative and make your own way of gaining your Zanpaktou.)

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