Hollow Attachments

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Hollow Attachments

Post by Dai on Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:47 am

Hollow Attatchments are anything from Simple, Sharp Claws, to unique special weapons, such as Acid Spit, Flame Breath, or exploding Leaches. These Weapons are usually on Par with a Shinigami's Zanpaktou, though they don't have the unqiue attributes that make a Zanpaktou a Zanpaktou. Usually, if a Hollow has a Special attatchment that they had, and then become an Arrancar, their Special Attachment becomes an Ability of their Zanpaktou's release. Example, a Hollow with Acid Spit who becomes an Arrancar. His release would likely to be a stronger acid attack, such as using it in a gas form, or being able to shoot much more then normal at faster rates.

They're are two classes of Attatchments. One is Claws. The type of the claw and the size of it greatly effects how it fights. Example, a Hollow with long, Jagged claws would be a big offensive Monster, while one with small, thin claws would be better suited for speed and stealth. The Template I devised.

Type of Claw:(This is where you post the general kind of claw you use. This is where you should post the Claws shape, their size, and the fearness of them. Generally, Claws don't have any special abilities.)

Thats it. Doesn't really need anymore, seeing as its a very simple weapon and doesn't have any special stuff.

The Second Type is your Special Weapon. These are usually only used by Stronger, more intelligent Hollows. This can range to just about everything, as long as they aren't overpowered. If you want a power that has to do with your claws, you would still write it in here. Generally, Hollows are allowed only one Special Weapon, until they become a Menos. Then, they are allowed a Second one.


Name of Special Weapon: (The name...simple enough.)

Description:(This is the description of the Special Weapon, usually if its a limb, an extention. If its something say, a fireball, then you would write what the fireball looked like, example, it's color, size, speed, power, etc....)

Effect:(The ability of the Special Weapon. Reiatsu draining suckers, Exploding Sludge, Detatching Limbs, Multiple Limbs, Elemental Attacks, Special Claws, and basically every other thing you can think of will be in here. Like Shikais, they can't be too powerful, but can be very customized.)

Spirit Energy Cost: (The Cost of the Said Ability. Cost is matched with the Ability.)

History: (How you obtained this ability. Can be you swallowed a Shinigami who's Zanpaktou who had that ability, it could be you devised it with your great genius, or you could have simply had a transformation in which it simply was created from being stronger. As with Shikai, this usually has to be long.)

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