Matsuro Saikoro

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Matsuro Saikoro

Post by Jova on Fri May 02, 2008 12:56 pm

Character Name: Matsuro Saikoro
Age: 13
Gender|: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 99
Eyes: Bloody Red
Skin: White

Rank: Unseated
Squad/Former Squad: 1
Status: Seireitei.

Appearance: Matsuro has green hair that looks nicely done in its way. He also has eyes that are shocking bloody red. He wears a white button down shirt with a red tie going down in the middle. He wears black fitted slacks and black shoes. In his neck he has two symbols that mean Fate and Destruction.

Personality: He is a joyful kid that likes to play around with those that he knows. Even when he is around his enemies he sometimes tends to act like a fool unless he feels like the enemy is something serious. Most of the time he is silent and that is what freaks everyone out about him. Some people dare ask to play with him and when they do ask that's when they find the truth about his joyfulness. He like to play around for his age and he like to fight a lot as well. His urge to kill is what he loves about himself the most. He also likes a lot of sweets and when he ask for something he wants he goes in a case of mad. He hates to lose in battle especially. He doesn't like when he has to rely on others to save him because he feels like he should leave an example to all the rest of the Vizards. He hates hollow and the fact that they have similar mask towards the Vizards. He also has a thing for hating Shinigami, but nobody knows why.

History: Matsuro was born on earth and was raised by those who worship the Shinigamis. As he got older he felt like he didn't understand why his family always worship these kind of people who never did anything for them. As he grew older he was taught what they were and how they work to help others. He understood how they worked and started to look up to them and wanted to one day become one. He always got into fights and loved it so much. He felt like getting stronger was the only thing he could do to show that he was not a little child to others. At the age of 13 he was walking from school and was known as the worst kid to get in a fight with, but that didn't stop these group of people to gang up on him. They came up to him with bats and knives like they were ready to get rid of him. Matsuro dropped his bag and looked like he was ready to fight against anyone who came at him.

"I see you are that kid that everyone is talking about. I heard that you was a big fighter and you always won all your fights. Well I don't think you are going to win this one not now and not ever, because when we are don't you wont be moving for ever."

They started running towards him, attacking him with everything had. At the end of the battle he was done everyone was on the floor, but he was stab at back and his chest. He took them off and when he picked up his bag and went to picked it up he was stab right in the back of his head and died. A Shinigami came soon after he died. She seen that Matsuro was crying and walked right to him. She lifted up his head and smiled

"I am a Shinigami and I'm here to take you to Soul Society. Are you ready to go?" The women said as she waited for his answer.

"I didn't want to die man I had it all how did I let that one person slip from my hand, Crap I should have been more careful than that, but I guess that was for the best. Ms. Shinigami can you write a letter to my family and tell them that I'm sorry and that I'm going to a better place and that to keep doing what they been doing because Shinigami's are the best and that I'm going to grow to be like one."

The women and did Matsuro's last request for him before sending him to Soul Society. After he was send to Soul Society, he was found to have spirit energy and entered Shinigami Academy. He passed at the top of his class and was hated for his smarts and strength. After he graduated the Academy he was placed in squad one.

Combat Stats:

Zanjutsu: 1
Hohou: 2
Hakuda: 1
Kido: 1

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