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Kin wrote:Sew me I seem like Chad =p

Character Name: Kinzoku (Screw you I don't want no last name)
Age: 16
Gender Male
Height: 6-5
Weight: 315 pounds
Eyes: Blue and normal looking like everybody else.
Skin: Kin's skin is farely tan.

Rank:Aware Human
Power:Hollow Source

Appearance: Kin wears a green tang top and a green robe. His hair is black,flat and goes out a little in the front(See picture bellow for more detail.) Kin's eye's are brown. Kin wears a belt around his waist and has brown sandals . Kin also wears bandages around his arms, but you can see most of his arms.

Personality: Kin is a very quiet high school student who rarely talks to anybody unless forced to. Kin is the kind of person who cant just watch somebody get beat up or somebody break the law. Kin dislikes people who do bad things to other people and would rather take a hit to himself then a hit to an innocent person. The people who actually know Kin would describe him as a very quiet, self-centered kid for his age. Kin is not that good at talking to others because of him not trusting them.

History: When Kin was growing up he had been in a bad neighborhood where robberies happened all the time and people always got beat up. Kin had a rough childhood because of this and always got beat up. His parents had not cared about him much which led to him getting beat up all the time. One day Kin was sick of getting beat up by other people and started to work out constantly even though he was 10 and was taller then most people.

At the age of 12, Kin had moved away to his grandparents home because of his parents not caring about him. This town was known as Karakura Town. Kin had attended school here in the middle school where he didn't have any friends for a couple of years and it seemed like he wasn't even there. Because of this all Kin did was work out to get stronger.

When Kin went into High School at the age of 15 he had been 6-2 and made fun of allot because he was so tall. Kin didn't really care what the kids thought and usually beat the crap out of them when they made fun of him. With this Kin became as one of most feared in his school and he was not somebody to mess with. He could usually take beatings from people without feeling anything even if he was bleeding pretty badly.

After Kin's 16th birthday party his grandparents where attacked by a hollow, it had killed his grandmother ,but his grandfather had somehow killed it and was half dead on the floor of his room when Kin came home. As this happened a Shinigami appeared and saw that the man had killed it. Somehow Kin was able to see him and watched as he had killed his grandfather who could of still been saved, but he didn't want the secret of the hollow to get lose, so he just simply killed him.

Kin was angered as the Shinigami had killed him. Out of nowhere Kin had changed. Part of his body had reformed. Kin had run and hit the Shinigami with one simple shot to the heart with his fist and killed him. After that had happened Kin had been watched by a man that was in a window near by in his house. This man called himself Utashi and told Kin about the Shinigami and how evil they where.

After he had heard the story Kin decided to join Utashi thinking that they where evil people and deserved to die. Utashi had completely tricked Kin about them being bad people and only wanted to destroy the people on Earth.

Combat Stats:
Reiatsu Control:1

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Re: Kinzoku-Human

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