~Hakushi Bunsho-Aware Human~

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~Hakushi Bunsho-Aware Human~

Post by Bunsho on Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:15 am

Character Name:Hakushi Bunsho
Age: 17
Gender Male
Height: 5 feet,11 inches
Weight: 135 Lbs
Eyes: Blue,almond shapped.
Skin: Slightly tanned.

Rank: Aware Human
Power: Originated from a Hollow Source...

Appearance: Bunsho stands almost at 6 feet,and has an average build. His eyes are sky blue,and his hair is black,messy,and slightly spiky. He is usauly seen wearing a dark blue suit,with a white button up shirt under it,and a black tie. He wears black,semi-circle shapped glasses,and always has a toothpick in his mouth. If he's not attending school,he'll wear a dark blue t-shirt,black pants,and black shoes. His facial expression is almost never changes,and he's never seen smiling.

Personality: Bunsho has a very serious attitude,and is very queit. He's very smart and has an I.Q over 200. Bunsho enjoys music,and dislikes being the same as everybody else. He likes to speak whats on his mind,and will tell people that they are wrong.This often makes him lose potential freinds,because the response of the person is usualy "**** you!!!" He is a very nice person and is willing to help people that are in need. Bunsho also has stress problems,balancing college and 'other' things,is difficult.

History: Bunsho was born into a family known for their academics. By only the age of two he could read,and could do basic addition.When he turned four,he began to attend school. He didn't talk alot to the other students,because they usualy didn't understand what in the world he was saying. So,the next year,he skipped a couple of grades,so he would feel comfortable. This was when he started seeing things that he couldn't explain. He tried to tell his parents,but they didn't know what he was talking about,they thought he was crazy. They sent him to a psycologist(sp?) to help him out. That just made things worse. The doctor thought he was insane,but smart people usualy aren't insane. And,he started to see more of these things. Black messes with white faces. . .

Years passed,and the problem was never fixed. His grades began to slip because he couldn't stop thinking about these things. His parents told him to stop worrying about them,and work harder in school. They met up with his teacher,and she said that she understood completely. Bunsho began to stay after school,to get extra credit work from his teacher. His grades increased and he stopped seeing the monster thingys. The highest grade he had was above 150%. On a normal night,at school, instead of getting extra credit work,his teacher told him about things called 'Hollows'.She said that was what he was seeing,and that he was special. Bunsho didn't pay much attention to this,because his parents told him not to. The school year went on,and near the end of it,his teacher went missing,and she would never be found...

At the age of fifteen,Bunsho began to see the things again. He tried his best to not pay attention to them,but it's easier said then done.The number began to slowly decreased,and more people went 'missing' around town. On a night,after school. Bunsho was heading home when one of the things approched him. He tried to run but the monster was too quick.It caught him in the abdomen,with a lengthy claw. Something strange surged troughout his body,and only seconds later,the Hollow was shot in the head by a beam of doom.The beam came from a shrouded figure,that walked towards Bunsho.That person then explained everything. This time,Bunsho listned. He learened that he was different than other humans,and he was now stranger than ever.

Two years passed,and alot of things happened. Bunsho learned about his special abbility,and started to use it for the greater good.He graduated High School,and entered a well known university.Everything was all right. He wasn't afraid of the Hollows anymore,and he learned much about the spritual world. But there was still things that he was yet to understand...

Combat Stats: (His Skills. If you've read the rules, you should know what this is. Start with 5 Kons.)

Reiatsu Control:2

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Re: ~Hakushi Bunsho-Aware Human~

Post by Shiro-Sama on Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:12 am

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