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How To Apply

Post by Shiro-Sama on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:38 am

To make a Character, post a topic in this section.(Not in one of the Sub Forums.) How do you do this?

First, Copy the Template. Then, when making a new topic, post it, and replace the bubbled info with what it wants you to say.


Name: (Insert Name)

Delete the Bubbled Info.


And then write your name.

Name: Kurofaki Achigo

Repeat it and fill out the entire thing. Be warned, that there are requirements. NO one will start as a Captain, or worse yet, a Race Hybrid. We grade our players not on "First come first serve", but rather, there skill in RPing, though activity wouldn't hurt either. Almost all Players will begin at the lowest rank of their race. In a Shinigami's case, they would be an Unseated Shinigami. For a Hollow, they would start as a Plain "Hollow." As you show skill, you will receive ranks up, and better yet, become stronger, rank or no rank.

Now, what race to choose? Most of you will be wanting to become Shinigami, and the rest will beg for Arrancar and Vizards. I'm saying it now. There will be no Vizards or Arrancar at the beginning of the site, and once they are released to players, still, no one may apply for them from the start. This encourages players to work hard to become strong.

Now, Shinigamis are okay and all. They've got some speed skills, transforming swords, Spells, and other cool gadgets. But are they really the greatest?

Look at in another way. Hollows are probably one of the strongest races, as they have unnatural strength that surpasses the average Shinigami, powerful thick armor that prevents swords, and even unique energy attacks such as the Deadly Cero.

Quincys aren't bad either. Who wouldn't afraid of a guy who can pull an arrow from the air at any moment and pierce your head? Sly, intelligent, they're even eviler when they go up close with their unique vibrating swords.

Then there are Mod Souls. Who wouldn't want to be the Great and All Might Kon? The abilities of a Mod Soul vary more then Shinigami, and the ability to switch bodies at will is great as well. Who would expect a large mighty bulk to suddenly change into a cute stuffed animal, and then take over your ally?

Humans are even more unique, as their powers vary more so then any race. Almost anything is possible, as their powers generally alter reality. Capable of utilizing the powers of other races or themselves in unique way, even someone like Keigo might be hiding a Nuke for the enemy's face.
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